Intruder Alarm Systems

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Our intruder alarm systems is a security tool that uses deep learning algorithms to enhance the capabilities of security cameras and video recorders. It is designed to detect intrusions in real-time and will send alerts directly to your phone for faster responses. The technology is able to differentiate between people and vehicles and other moving objects, allowing security teams to focus on genuine threats. AcuSense also applies labels to recorded video footage of people and vehicles, which speeds up video searches and reduces manual effort and overall security costs. The technology can be easily installed and configured, and it makes AI-powered security camera systems available at a small cost.

Line Crossing Technology

Our deep learning algorithms are able to differentiate between different types of objects that may trigger an alarm, such as people, vehicles, or other objects. This allows the system to only send an alarm when a person or vehicle intrusion is detected, depending on the event type that has been selected to be focused on. Conventional cameras or alarm sensors can often send false alarms, which can waste the time and resources of security personnel. With our line crossing technology you can keep your business safe and secure from intruders.


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