CCTV that provides extra eyes and confidence

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The need for CCTV is increasing
on every farm in the UK Here's why...

With increased strains on the farming industry, site managers need to have eyes and ears on the ground more than ever. Not being able to be everywhere at one time is a common challenge. Alongside this, the emphasis and protocols surrounding livestock welfare is significantly increasing. Now, there’s a cost-effective solution brought to you by IWS and MYDIS Security

Farming thefts are increasing annually

The cost of rural crime has been steadily increasing over the past five years, from £42.5 million in 2015 and peaking at a record £54 million in 2019.

  • £42.5 million
  • £54 million

United Kingdom


Rural Crime

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Install Confidence with MYDIS

CCTV that provides extra eyes and confidence

MYDIS offer smart and cost-effective solutions that can give you full and instant access to viewing your site and livestock at your fingertips. Simply connect your cameras to your smartphone or tablet free of charge and gain instant peace of mind.

The MYDIS offering - Improved site security and livestock welfare

Livestock Monitoring

Gain access to every shed, any time and any place with MYDIS security. When taking on CCTV with MYDIS, you'll gain the added benefit of having all of your new cameras at your finger tips - you can EVEN hear inside the shed!

Welfare on another level

Monitor livestock behaviour at the click of a button so you can proactively contribute to the welfare of your livestock.

CCTV that provides extra eyes and confidence

MYDIS offer smart and cost-effective solutions that detect intruders and keep you aware at all times. The aim of such technology is to help you be in the know BEFORE an incident occurs, rather than only using your CCTV retrospectively.

The MYDIS offering - Line crossing technology: Prevention

Be in the know, before it happens

By using the in-built intelligence of our cameras, we can set up areas on your site that can alert you immediately when activity is detected. With our Acusense technology, we can even tell the difference between an animal and a human to ensure accurate detection!

Prevent Vehicle Thefts with Car Defender

By using industry-leading sensors, the Car Defender can detect any vibrations or movements on your car or tractor once switched on and can immediately send you a notification to your smart phone to let you know something isn't right.


MYDIS offer smart solutions that can ease pressure in an under resourced healthcare system. It allows care operator to provide better care with a lower workload, giving both patients and care workers enhanced conditions and less stress. It also helps to make measurable, affordable and effective solutions, which benefit care operators operationally and effectively.
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Experts you already trust

Through our deep knowledge of the farming industry, we're able to costeffectively install the perfect CCTV system around your turnaround times and adhering to biosecurity protocols.

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