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UK aging population is increasing,
as are the care challenges

The population of England and Wales has continued to age, with Census 2021 results confirming there are more people than ever before in older age groups. With an increasing elderly population, the number of patient falls and injuries are also growing. On average, it’s estimated that each patient fall can cost from
£350 to £600. With MYDIS Security, you can overcome these challenges.

Slips and trips are increasing annually

Numbers reported have increased every year since 2011, when 23,709 reports were made. In 2018, the number reported was 43,594.

  • 23,709
  • 43,594

United Kingdom


Slips & Trips

Old disabled lady walking with the help of crutches in nursing home while a nurse is takinh care of her

Install Confidence with MYDIS

The MYDIS offering -
streamlining care for all

MYDIS offer smart solutions that can ease pressure in an under resourced healthcare system. It allows care operator to provide better care with a lower workload, giving both patients and care workers enhanced conditions and less stress. It also helps to make measurable, affordable and effective solutions, which benefit care operators operationally and effectively.

Be in the know at all times

Fall Detector

Built-in fall detector radar - when people fall down and can not get up within predefined time, an alarm will be triggered

Out of Bed

Alarms when a patient gets out of bed Rule can be set during the night to alert the care centre as a pre-warning

Out of Room

Alarms when a patient leaves the room

Leave Without Return

Alarm when a patient leaves and does not return in time

Audio Exception

Alarms when screaming or yelling is detected The care centre will be notified if abnormal audio is detected

People Number Exception

Alarm when number of people meets a predefined value When unexpected person breaks in, or overstays in the room, it will alert the care centre

Two Way Talk

Standard SIP protocol for two way talk When care centre receive alarms, nurse can start two way talk to have a quick check with the elderly

Privacy Protection

Thermal image only, GDPR risk free Supports privacy mask

Corner mount recommended

Wireless Emergency Alarm System

Give elderly patients peace of mind, using a Wearable Panic Button (using Hikvision’s AX PRO system) or individual alarm button. This means patients can call for help, even if they are not able to get to a traditional bell pull, for instance if they have fallen. This alerts the Nurse’s Station through a Panic Alarm Master Station, with the option to escalate an alarm if it is unanswered.

Radar Sensors

Automatic alerts can be set up to inform the Nurse’s Station in certain circumstances.

Anti-Fall Protocol

If a patient falls, the smart sensor sees the movement and identifies it as a fall. It has high detection accuracy and non-contact posture detection. The alarms can be managed through HikCentral Professional. The radars are small, light, and easy to install.

Vital Signs

Vital-Sign Radar Sensor can help provide significant medical information for better analysis of sleep quality and overall health of the body. It can measure time spent in and out of bed, respiratory and heart rates, and body movement information