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The need for CCTV is increasing
in every home across the UK...

As crime rates increase and people worry about safety, more UK homeowners are installing CCTV to monitor their property, deter intruders, and provide evidence of break-ins or other crimes. CCTV can also be used to monitor children or pets from afar, thanks to the latest technology that allows for remote access and discreet installation.

Home thefts & Break-ins are increasing annually

According to the ONS, there were an estimated 356,017 incidents of domestic burglary and theft in England and Wales in the year ending March 2021, an increase of 8% compared with the previous year.

  • £42.5 million
  • £54 million

United Kingdom


Domestic bruglary & theft

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Install Confidence with MYDIS

Protect your home, all at your fingertips

MYDIS offer smart and cost-effective solutions that detect intruders and keep you aware at all times. The aim of such technology is to help you be in the know BEFORE an incident occurs, rather than only using your CCTV retrospectively.

The MYDIS offering - Line crossing technology: Prevention

Be in the know, before it happens

By using the in-built intelligence of our cameras, we can set up areas on your drive or the perimeter of your home that can alert you immediately when activity is detected. With our Acusense technology, we can even tell the difference between an animal and a human to ensure accurate detection!

Any place, any time. Free of Charge

The flexibility of our systems can protect any area you choose, keeping you in the know before anyone else. All for free

Protect your vehicle, all at your fingertips

MYDIS offer extremely cost-effective solutions to protect your vehicle with our newest Car Defender technology. With vehicle thefts rising to 58,082 (UK, 2022), especially with keyless entry, thieves have become more advanced in their methods, so why shouldn't you when it comes to protecting your valuables?

The MYDIS offering- Car Defender

Protect your car, no matter where it's parked

By using industry-leading sensors, the Car Defender can detect any vibrations or movements on your car once switched on and can immediately send you a notification to your smart phone to let you know something isn't right. With only 28% of vehicles recovered after being stolen, prevention is certainly better than a cure.

Claim your free Car Defender NOW

Qualifying MYDIS Security customers can claim this new technology as soon as it's released and totally FREE OF CHARGE. Speak to your MYDIS Rep today!

Protect your home, all at your fingertips

Intruder alarms are a useful addition to home security. They detect unauthorized entry and sound an alarm, potentially scaring off intruders. Installing an intruder alarm can also lower home insurance premiums. By combining CCTV and intruder alarms, homeowners can have a comprehensive security system that can help prevent breakage and provide evidence in case of a crime

The MYDIS offering- Intruder Alarms

Wireless Intruder Alarms

These alarms rely on wireless sensors to detect motion or entry and can be easily installed without the need for extensive wiring. They can be monitored remotely.

Smart Home Security

These systems use a combination of sensors, cameras, and smart technology to detect and deter intruders. They can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app and can be customized to fit the specific needs of the homeowner. They are often more affordable than manned guarding intruder alarm systems and can provide a high level of security.