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We collaborate with clients to provide tailored, cost-effective security solutions with the help of industry leaders like HikVision.

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MYDIS security offers a wide range of access control devices, from standard key/card readers to facial recognition devices designed to accurately detect your workforce’s attendance and whereabouts.

The devices offered are multifunctional and offer a range of entry and exit capabilities including voice intercom.
Security is assured with designated access levels tailored to the end user with the help of HikVision software.

Data insights into attendance enable you to promote more efficient methods on your site.

  • Security
  • Auditability
  • Connectivity
  • Confidence

Access Control

Our Facial Recognition Terminals are powered by a deep learning algorithm, which increases accuracy of face recognition to over 99% and enhances verification speeds to under 0.2 seconds.

The enhanced verification rates and accuracy ensure a pleasant, “touch-free” experience for users – a vast improvement over swiping ID cards or fingerprint scans.
Perform well in low/zero-light environments.

Due to its dual lens technology, the devices offer better security with face anti-spoofing to prevent fraudulent entry and enhance security.

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MYDIS offer a variety of services to help you with all your security needs. From CCTV cameras, access control devices, intruder alarm systems and bespoke solutions to help you with any security need you may have.

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Access Control

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